C-MOS Cameras


Latronix' CMOS cameras are ideal for many industrial applications where an ordinary CCD camera would not be enough. Distinguished characteristics are extremely high image speed in combination with a 100dB dynamic range. Thanks to the digital data output, the compact construction and the low effect consumption, the cameras are perfectly suited in rough, industrial environments. Besides that, the price is moderate.

The cameras are delivered in a perfectly API (application programmers interface), that facilitates program development in C, Visual Basic and Delphi. Extra Matlab functions make it possible to steer the cameras from inside.

Latronix AB has many years' experience of CMOS cameras system development. The cameras are used in our advanced Euclides systems.

BCi4-6600 camera

  • 6.6 MPixel IBIS4 sensor
  • 2208x000 pixels (HxV)
  • Monochrome and Colour versions available
  • Flexible "Window-of-Interest" and "sub-sampling"
  • 8 bit, 10 bit or 12 bit digital output at 40MHz
  • 5 full-frames per second
  • Rolling ("curtain") shutter
  • Compact 50x50x50mm

BCi5 Camera

  • IBIS5-1300 sensor 1280x1024
  • Monochrome and Colour versions available
  • 12-bit digital output at 40Mpixlar/sec
  • "Snap-shot shutter mode"
  • Rolling shutter
  • Flexible "Window-of-Interest"
  • 8MByte on-camera memory
  • Compact 50x50x50mm
  • Interface: Serial LVDS, Camera Link, USB2.0 or IEEE1394 (Fire Wire)
  • Speed: LVDS and CL > 1000 frames per second. USB2.0 and IEEE1394 have lower speed.

FCi4-14000 camera

  • 14Megapixls - 4560x3048
  • 36x24mm sensor (35mm film format)
  • Flexible "Window-Of-Interest" or "sub-sampling"
  • Rolling shutter
  • 65db dynamic range
  • 12-bit digital output at 60 Mpixels/sec
  • 3.25 full frames per second
  • Compact 70x70x90mm (not including lens)
  • F-mount lens fitting
  • Camera Link interface (2x12-bit)